Garrett State Bank - Celebrating 125 Years

Through a mutual acquaintance, my then business partner and I were contacted by Garrett State Bank (GSB) to discuss what would become the biggest project of my career so far. After 125 years of business, GSB wanted a video to commemorate the amount of pride they had in being a longstanding community bank. Highlighting their history and community values, myself and a small production crew at Twist Creative Studio spent months of planning, shooting, and editing to produce one full three minute feature to release on their new and improved website. In addition to the main feature, we also expanded the package with four 60 second spots, and four 30 second spots, all focusing on one of the interview subjects and all portraying a slightly different message. You can find those below.

I lovingly nicknamed this project “The Bank Job”, and am eternally grateful to the other members of the Twist production crew, Peter Bella and Brett Yerks, for making this project happen in a wonderful way.


SeeMeCNC Community Spotlight: Tim O’Sullivan

The first video of a new series planned for SeeMeCNC, focusing on the customers that have done amazing and inspiring things with their SeeMeCNC 3D printers. I have plans to do more of these in the future, but they will be few and far between as the ability to get in interview settings like this with customers is a rare occurrence. We got lucky with Tim, because we is only three hours away from the company headquarters and was willing to take the drive out with his prints.


Fusion800 : 3D Printed Letterpress Type

This is a collection of videos from the Type High Letterpress portion of the Fusion800 project, edited in a style meant to feel like you’re watching an episode of reality TV.

Check out more of this project in the full page here.


2017 IPFW First LEGO League Indiana Championship

I was contracted to make a smooth promotional video for the 2017 FLL Indiana Championship that showcased the event and gave families a fun piece of media to remember the fun long after the event was over. I love LEGO and I love the STEAM applications it can have, so this project was right up my alley.

The client and families were ecstatic with the results of this video, as well as the photography I took at the event that day as well.


Brickworld Fort Wayne

A two part series of videos from my first Brickworld event in Fort Wayne IN, showcasing as many LEGO creations from that event I could stumble across. It begins in a VLOG style, but quickly becomes a plethora of B-roll and editing practice.

I also took plenty of photography these days as well, and you can find the best of those photos scattered in my photography portfolio.