Product Photography

Product photography is what I enjoy the most. Small or large, classic or creative, I always enjoy promoting items with stunning imagery.



Almost equal to my love for product photography, I also love the energy and excitement a crowd can have at an event. Conventions, galas, fundraisers, parties… Whatever the event, I love capturing those moments of excitement in still images that tell a story about the people attending the event.


Plastic Spacemen (and Women)

Occasionally I'll be asked by local members of the 501st Legion to take trading card and studio photography of them in their costumes.

These men and women volunteer their time to making these costumes from scratch, and doing good for their community with them by visiting children's hospitals, attending fundraisers, and raising money for various charity organizations.

I make sure they look damn good while they do it.



Occasionally I have had mini shoots that aren’t cosplay or event related, but focus on a specific person for a headshot they can use to promote themselves or just for fun.


Neue View Magazine

Neue View magazine is a project started by the Photography V  and Publication Design students at IPFW. The two classes worked together to create photography and layouts to their own full fledged magazine. It was a huge success.

My contribution to the beginning of this project was a set of photography for two articles. Unfortunately, due to the many factors involved in a magazine's production, one of the articles was cut. However, the photography for both articles is still featured here!

Featured in these photos are Caanan White and Leigha VandeZande