My various marketing advertisements and photos curated for SeeMeCNC during my employment with the company. I love the company and love what I’ve made for them.

Check out their products at SeeMeCNC


SXSW Rebranding

This was a school project and not actually associated with SXSW in any way.

Simple event re-branding done by yours truly.

This project won a silver Advertising Honors award from the Fort Wayne chapter of the American Advertising Federation.



As a proud member of the Fort Wayne LEGO Users Group (FortLUG), I was super excited when I was asked to redesign the group's logo in preparation for the 2017 Brickworld Fort Wayne.


Fort RT

This is a simple logo design I threw together for Fort RT, the Fort Wayne Rooster Teeth fan community. Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, and FunHaus logos weren't my own work.

You can find them on Facebook HERE.


“Troops in white” Poster

“Troops in White” was a poster I made to promote the 501st Legion Star Wars costuming group and the fun you can have in costume while attending charity events.

A variant was made for both the Northern Darkness Garrison (Northern Indiana, USA) and the Polish Garrison (self explanatory) to use at various events.

There was a little controversy over the verbiage used, but the reference was intended towards the white shiny armor Imperial Stormtroopers wear in the Star Wars movies. The overall theme of the poster was based off world war era propaganda.

My desire is to make more of these posters for each movie in the Star Wars series in the future.


Destiny: The Movie

A movie poster project done for another class. NO association with Microsoft or Bungie.

I used to use a working name of "CD Works" before just going by my full name, so it makes a lot of cringe-worthy appearances within this piece. Ignore my stupidity.