Check out a playlist of videos showcasing the processes of this project on my YouTube channel here: Fusion800: 3D Printed Movable Type

The letterpress has been an instrumental aspect of typography for centuries. The mechanical process of raised letterforms transferring ink to paper has a humanistic quality that exemplifies our senses and emotions. Movable type has seen centuries of adaptations—lead, wood, polymer and more; along with the creation tools and technologies—such as pantographs, plate makers, and computer.

We suggest letterpress printing and moveable type has untapped life yet to be revealed. Our investigation embodies 3D printing technologies to create a moveable typeface with humanistic qualities and voice. This moveable typeface explores the challenging demands of the mechanical properties of 3D printing methods applied to the  creation of moveable type, its design, and printing embracing the mechanics of the machine to create a typeface never intended to meet the standards of perfection, but to embody the inherent artistic and humanistic aesthetics of the machine pushing technology to its limits to discover how human a 3D printing machine can get.


Thorn (destiny)

I had the awesome opportunity to create this Thorn hand cannon from Destiny for SeeMeCNC and Jerry over on the Barnacules Nerdgasm channel!

Check out a full build video here:



"The SE-14r light repeating blaster, sometimes referred to as the Imperial repeating pistol, was an alternate model of BlasTech IndustriesSR combat pistol with fully automatic capabilities. Manufactured specifically for the Galactic Empire, it was carried as a sidearm by some Imperial officers and stormtrooper commanders." - From Wookiepedia

This blaster was modeled by Tommyc1138 on Thingiverse, and printed by me entirely on my SeeMeCNC H2

Also painted and weathered by me!


Imperial Stormtrooper (ANH Stunt)

Created by hand for application to the 501st Legion worldwide costuming organization. Officially approved costume, designation TK-6830. This uniform has helped me raise money for various charities, visited sick kids in the hospital, and meet some cool people, all through the 501st Legion.

I’ve recently sold this costume to work on a different one, that I will be adding to my site when it’s complete.


RWBY White Fang Cosplay

I used a combination of the pre-season one concept character design and the in-show model. Major differences being as follows:

Pre-Show Concept:
-Boots with cloth covers
-Grey underarmor undersuit
-Short sleeve hoodie
-Robe coattails go at or below the back of the knee

In-Show Model:
-Boots are without cloth covering
-No gloves/bare hands
-Grey armor gauntlet things
-Long sleeve tight hoodie tucked in to arm armor
-Robe coattails cut off right beneath the butt, well before the back of the knee

My mashup of all my favorite things from both:
-Boots without cloth coverings
-Gloves (with added hand plate armor because why not)
-Grey armor gauntlet things
-Tight black undersuit
-Loose lightweight short sleeve hoodie
-Robe coattails go at or below the back of the knee


Ghostbusters Shoulder Mounted Proton Pack

I've always been fascinated by the idea of alternate Ghostbusters props to the movie used ones. So instead of a full sized replica of a movie style Proton Pack, I designed and scratch built a shoulder mounted mini Proton Pack.