Pilot Hose Quick Connects

Pilot Hose Quick Connects

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These V2 designs are updated for a sturdier connect/disconnect action, and have new ridges on the hose plugs that make the adhesion to the hoses more solid. They also now have a hole to mount to your helmet or chest box with a bolt for an even more rigid installation. The bolt, washer, and nut are included. These connectors are designed and 3D Printed by myself.

The FULL Set works great for connecting your hoses at both the helmet and chest box ends, and comes with:

  • 4x connector plates

  • 4x hose plugs

  • 8x high strength magnets

  • 4x 1-1/4”L machine screws

  • 4x washers

  • 4x nuts

The SINGLE Set works great for connecting one end of the hoses to the helmet or the chest box, and comes with:

  • 2x connector plates

  • 2x hose plugs

  • 4x high strength magnets

  • 2x 1-1/4”L machine screws

  • 2x washers

  • 2x nuts

Please Note:

VENTED variants have openings for air flow or wires between your chest box and helmet, SOLID variants do not. See product photos.

These connectors have a variety of benefits designed into them, including:

  • The use of seated magnets AND a twisting, interlocking j-hook connection to keep those hoses from going anywhere

  • An aesthetically pleasing appearance on the helmet when the hoses are removed, keeping your display value

  • The ability to attach and remove hoses without the aid of handlers, whenever you feel the need to take your bucket off for a break

Easy installation, with a design that's custom tailored to fit the helmet, and any approvable pilot hose. The helmet plates are oval shaped to ensure proper seating in the strange bowl of the helmet attachment points, and the hose plugs have extra length added to them to ensure you have plenty of room to mount them at any depth you desire.

Check out this video of the original prototypes to see how they work!

Installation is a walk in the park!

Simply use super glue or epoxy to install the hose plug into the hose, ensuring that you have it at the proper depth. Too deep and your hose could rub on your helmet, impairing a proper connection. Too far out and you could have too much of the connector showing, looking kinda derpy when the hose is attached. I'd recommend doing a dry fit before gluing to make sure you're happy with where the hose plug is sitting in the hose. Use the same super glue or epoxy to adhere the connector plate to the helmet or chest box, glue in the magnets, and boom, you're done. Simple as that. Make sure to install the magnets in the right direction so they pull the connectors towards each other.
(You may need to use other methods of attachment, such as epoxy putty, if the bowls of your helmet are too concave. A semi-flat surface is needed to mount the helmet plates securely.)

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