Inferno Costume Tub Decals (Customized)

Inferno Costume Tub Decals (Customized)


I found the perfect costume tub at Wal-Mart for $20, should fit the armor, all suit parts, and maybe even the helmet of the Inferno costume all together. I threw some decals together to strut my Inferno stuff in style ;)

I have pictured here 6" logos but I'll be making them 5" logos so they don't overlap the Sterilite logo and could also fit on the two side panels instead of the middle panel.

Each kit will be custom to match your character/costume/TKID. So I will make it TI-(your TKID) with the name Iden Versio or Gideon Hask, or TX-(your TKID) with the name Del Meeko all in Aurebesh. Could do a different font if you want.

Included in each purchase is a full set including  the following:
-1 of each 5" x 5" logo
-One ~1.25" x 9" text of your TKID (TX or TI, depending on character)
-One ~1.25" x 16" of your character (Iden, Gideon, or Del)

Contact me with any questions or any other customization you want!

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