Customized Helmet Stand

Customized Helmet Stand


Display your helmet in style!

These helmet stands are custom designed (with weeks of testing and revisions), 3D Printed, and hand finished to create a unique display for your bucket when you’re not wearing it. A nameplate with edge lighting is pre-installed to look like a hologram!

Features include:

  • A personalized acrylic name plate that says what you want it to! (fill out the form fully during checkout)

  • Edge lighting for the nameplate with pre-installed, built in electronics. Electronics are all fully enclosed with an inconspicuous on/off switch and an easy access battery box. (requires 2x AAA batteries, not included)

  • The Imperial crest printed in Marble material to create a classy, high contrast look. This crest is loose so you can choose to glue it on if you wish, but leaving it loose lets you remove it or replace it with other logos if you want. More will be designed and available soon!

  • Two different lengths of rod extensions, giving you the option of a 12” or 16” stand height to accommodate larger and strange shaped helmets. All hardware is included to swap out the top plate to the rod extension you choose.

  • Pre-installed rubber feet on the base to keep it planted on hard surfaces!

  • Helmet pictured is not included of course.

If there are other logos or logo colors you want, send me an email and let’s see what we can make happen!

Please allow up to a week or two for shipment after you’ve placed your order! I have a few in stock to start with but after that they will be made as they’re ordered. These are custom hand finished items, sometimes they could take longer to complete. Be sure to check your email if you haven’t received your order yet, as I may have had to contact you to make sure the nameplate is exactly as you want it. Thanks!

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